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Stump Removal Cost | Tree Stump Removal Cost

Stump removal cost is roughly $80 to $250 (15-inch diameter stump) depending on the removal method. Tree stump removal cost is roughly $2 to $5 per linear inch.

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The costs on this page represent a combination of 1) sample of costs provided to us by stump removal services around the country and 2) research done by our staff. To get a more precise estimate, we recommend that you request a quote from a local stump removal service near me.

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Stump Removal Cost

Stump removal cost is roughly $80 to $250 (15-inch diameter stump) depending on the method of removal. Different removal methods include, but are not limited to: manual removal, burning, grinding, and chemical rotting.

Stump removal cost based on the removal method:

Stump Removal Cost

Stump Removal Cost Considerations

There are many things to consider when you are planning your stump removal project. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Methods Used to Prepare Stump Removal Cost Estimates

Stump removal projects are commonly priced using a per linear inch approach. The contractor will measure the diameter of the tree stump and base their quote on that measurement. If multiple stumps need to be removed, it may be easier for the contractor to provide a quote for the whole job. If you are interested finding out how much it will cost to remove a stump in your area, Request a Price Quote.

Reasons for Tree Stump Removal Cost Variances

Stump removal services use a combination of methods to evaluate and price projects. They take several factors into consideration that impact the cost of the project, including:

Questions to Ask Your Stump Removal Service

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