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What are the different types of deck stains?

Different stains have different functions and advantages. Water-based stains are natural and will protect the wood against mildew and mold well. Oil-based stains are generally used if you want to see the grain of the wood through the stain, but chemical cleanups are necessary after application. You may also consider the transparency of the stain. Clear stains will allow the wood to weather naturally while still protecting it. Transparent and semi-transparent stains are slightly tinted to conceal minor damages or imperfections in the wood but will still allow some of the wood grain to come through. Semi-solid and solid stains are the best options for concealing imperfections and provide the most pigmented color. If your deck is in a sunny area, however, consider more natural colors as less natural colors will fade more quickly.

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Water-Based Stains

Oil-Based Stains

Hybrid Stains

Helpful Tips:

If you live in a sunny area, consider lighter stains since they will not get as hot to the touch. Darker, less transparent stains are more likely to last longer than lighter, more transparent stains.