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Looking to install or repair asphalt surface? Our online service will help match you to a professional in your local area. The asphalt contractors you are matched to will provide you a cost estimate or price quote for common paving projects such as: 1) driveway, roadway, and parking lot installation or resurfacing, 2) asphalt driveway, road, and parking lot repairs, 3) driveway, road, and parking lot sealing or resealing.

Types of people who install, lay, resurface or repair asphalt paved surfaces. Paving contractors, asphalt contractors, asphalt services, asphalt companies, driveway contractors, blacktop contractors, chipseal contractors.

Terms commonly associated with asphalt. Asphalt surface treatment, bitumen, blacktop, chipseal, chip seal, tarseal, tar seal, tar and chip, sprayed seal, surface dressing, tarmac.

Asphalt installation and resurfacing. Installing a asphalt requires ground preparation, good hot asphalt (very important), and a skilled rolling crew. We can help you find an asphalt contractor near you. Get a quote to install an asphalt paved surface.

Asphalt repair. Over time, asphalt cracks and the chemical bonds of the mixture break down with exposure. If you need help repairing your paved surface, we can connect you with a local asphalt repair contractor. Get a price quote to fix your asphalt.

Asphalt sealing and coating. Sealing your asphalt is important because it helps extend the lifetime of your paved surface. Find a local asphalt sealing contractor. Receive a driveway sealing cost estimate.

Blacktop (or black top) surfaces. Blacktop another name for asphalt. The slang term originated the common black color of outdoor urban basketball courts. The term “blacktop” is now commonly used to describe any black asphalt surface. Blacktop paving installation cost estimates.

Chipseal (chip seal), tarseal (tar seal), and tar and chip. These are all terms that relate to an asphalt surface treatment where 1) hot asphalt (bitumen) is poured or sprayed on a roadway, 2) aggregate is then spread on top, 3) it is rolled flat, and 4) sometimes sprayed with a top coat of asphalt. It is not a completely smooth surface, however, it is a step up from a gravel or dirt road or driveway. Find a local contractor.

Bitumen installation and repair. Bitumen and asphalt describe the same product which is a petroleum based material. Bitumen is a semi-solid form of petroleum that when heated and combined with an aggregate forms what we know to be an asphalt surface. Free bitumen paving price quotes.

We suggest that you review the license and insurance of the professional you select. We also suggest that you call references or review the ratings and reviews from previous customers.

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