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Water leaking into your home or business? Do you need to find a contractor to repair the water leak? Our online service will help match you to a professional in your local area. The water leak contractors you are matched to will provide you a cost estimate or price quote for common projects including: water pipe leak repair, appliance (refrigerator, dish washer, washing machine, ice maker) water leak repair, hot water heater leak repair, pool leak repair, roof leak repair, slab leak repair, foundation leak repair, water pump leak repair, shower leak repair, tub and bathtub leak repair, faucet leak repair, sink leak repair, toilet leak repair, bidet leak repair, boiler leak repair, water tank leak repair

Types of people who fix water leaks. Plumbers, pool repair contractors, pool repair services, water heater contractors, water main contractors, water line contractors, water pipe contractors, water main services, water main installers, foundation contractors, and waterproofing contractors.

Exterior water leaks related to main water supply lines and water mains. These are leaks in the main water supply line that extends from the street to your house or building. Get a quote to repair a main water supply line.

Interior water leak repair. This is when you see water leaking from an interior water supply line that goes to bathroom, kitchen, or laundry area. These water lines feed sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and showers. Get a price quote to fix an interior water line leak.

Drain water leak repair. This is a water leak that occurs in a pipe that drains water from toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers and sends it to the sewer line (which drains water away from your house and into either a public sewer system or a private septic system. Free price estimates for water drain leak repair projects.

Appliance water leak repair. When you have water leaking from appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, ice makers, and refrigerators. Hire a local pro to fix an appliance water leak.

Water heater leak repair. The most common issues with water heater leaks are 1) the water pipes going to or from the water heater and 2) the water heater itself is cracked or leaking. In either case, a plumber or HVAC professional can handle the project. Contact a water heater repair contractor .

Pool water leak repair. If you notice the water level in your pool lowering at an unusual rate, you may have a water leak. Other types of pool leaks involve water pumps, drains, and piping. Free cost estimates from local pool leak repair contractors.

Roof water leak. If you see water leaking in through the ceiling of your top floor, water is likely leaking through your roof and into your house. Free quotes to repair a roof water leak.

Foundation or slab water leak repair. When water is leaking in through your foundation walls or the floor slab. This is typically a waterproofing or water drainage issue. Contact a local contractor to fix your foundation or slab water leak .

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